The Foodie Files: Body Good Food

It’s Foodie Files time again and this month I’m chatting with Steph, the nutritionist and food blogger behind Body Good Food. Steph is another of the lovely ladies I met on my day out at Cobram Estate, and I’m really loving letting you all meet them as well!

So, lets learn more about Steph and Body Good Food together!

Do you have a philosophy towards food?

I like to follow a wholefood approach to my diet but with a 20% leeway for anything that I feel like eating

What’s your favourite food memory?

My favourite food memory would have to be at a tiny, family run restaurant I visited in Spain. They served freshly caught seafood, cooked to order in front of you with an enormous platter of grilled vegetables and a glass of red wine. Definitely my kind of food!

Do you have a go-to food of choice?

Mushrooms! I loooove mushies because you can cook them so many different ways and there is so many varieties to choose from.

What’s your favourite meal of the day?

It would have to be dinner. That’s when I switch off for the day and get creative with whatever I have in kitchen.

What’s the strangest food you’re ever eaten (and would you eat it again?!)

I would have to say crocodile, when I was over in South East Asia and we got to try a number of different meats which we cooked on our own little hot plate – and yes, I would eat it again, it was rather tasty!

If you were showing a visitor around town for a weekend where would be your must-eat destinations?

I would take them for breakfast at Left Field (Carnegie), lunch at Sister of Soul (St Kilda) and definitely Feast of Merit (Richmond) for dinner! Or if it was a special occasion then the feed me at Chin Chin!

Where can people follow your food (and other!) adventures?

I have a blog at and my Instagram is @bodygoodfood. I also run a training and nutrition studio in Sandringham called Linked – Training & Nutrition which can be found at and @linked_training_nutrition.

I hope you enjoyed this chat with Steph, aka Body Good Food!

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