Recipe: Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls

Sorry about the lack of posts recently – we’ve been having all kinds of technical problems here in I Spy Plum Pie world, but we’ve almost fixed all the gremlins and will resume regular programming! Hurrah!

The other week I spotted this Vermicelli noodle salad recipe on the Vegie Project blog and wanted to try it, so I thought I’d make a Vietnamese themed night of it and make some rice paper rolls as well. They are so simple and delicious, and were a great way to start our Vietnamese feast!


Shiny New Stationary

As mentioned in my last post, thanks to my serious clothing cull I now have a tiny desk in my room to do my blogging from. To celebrate that fact I decided I had earned myself some new stationary, which I know makes no sense, but when it comes to me and stationary logic rarely prevails!


Cleaning out my closet

Every now and again I do a cull of my clothes, however I hadn’t done a big one since I moved house last June, so after seeing Hannah’s successful wardrobe cull over on her blog Nellie and Oliver I decided it was time I took some action as well!


Recipe: Chickpea Salad

Even though we are more than a month into Autumn, Melbourne appears to think we’re still in summer and this weekend presented us with glorious sunshine, and high-20s temperatures. This means I’m still making summery food, and this chickpea salad fits the bill perfectly!


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