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I first heard about 1Skin Solution through the lovely Ingrid’s blog In Glossy Beauty. She just happened to mention purchasing some soy scented candles right as I burnt my last one to the bottom so I headed over to the website to learn more, and I was not at all disappointed. 1Skin Solution are an Australian company that makes scented candles, bath products and lip balms using natural ingredients. Many of their products are vegan and they are a certified cruelty free brand. They also offer free shipping within Australia – perfect!

Before I knew it I was clicking add to cart on the Soy Candle Duo Set ($24.20) {affiliate link} which includes two 90ml candles – Green Tea & Lemongrass and Strawberry Champagne. A few days later I found a parcel on my doorstep and when I opened it I discovered not just the candles I had ordered but three (yes, three!) lip balms to try as well, all wrapped up in a cute little bag. How’s that for customer service!


So, what do I think of the products? I have been alternating between the candle since I received them and I’m struggling to choose a favourite they are both that good. They are strongly scented without being overpowering, and I was worried the Strawberry Champagne scent might be too sweet for me but it’s really nicely balanced. I tend to light the Green Tea & Lemongrass one at night when I want to relax, whilst the other is more uplifting. They make a perfect duo!


I also received the Mojito Lip Balm ($8.50) and two of the Tinted Lip Butters in Strawberry Rose Champagne and Coconut Plum ($12 each) {affiliate links}. All three of them are mildly scented and again not sickly sweet – probably due to the use of natural ingredients! They are packed full of nourishing ingredients including coconut butter, Vitamin E, shea butter and beeswax so they feel nice and soft on your lips. The two tinted versions do include petroleum which I generally try and avoid as I have dry enough lips as it is, but they still feel really nice on – just factor that in when thinking about the products!


The colour is noticeable on but still nice and natural, with the colour of the Strawberry Rose Champagne lip butter just winning out by a nose for me. I really like the Mojito lip balm as well (and not just because I like Mojitos!) as it’s really soothing and works well applied under lipstick to help keep my lips from getting dry in this cold, windy weather. Needless to say I’m feeling rather spoilt with the bonus goodies I got in my package!


I asked Raylene, the founder of 1Skin Solution a few questions, and this is what she had to say!

1) Tell us a little about yourself, and why you started 1Skin Solution?

I have actually been making my own products for years. It started when I was a Personal Trainer and one of lovely clients gifted me a little pack from The Perfect Potion. It had a base cream and some essential oils so I could create my own scented body cream. I loved the idea and went into Perfect Potion to look around. I purchased a book called Do It Yourself Skincare and that’s how it started. I was making skincare and soaps and selling them at markets and also giving them to friends. It was only a hobby and I was not making any money, in fact I was losing money but that was not the point. Once I decided I wanted to make it my business I started up the custom lip balms. It was a great way to generate income to finance my own skincare line. It is a slower process but very rewarding. That decision was made 2 years ago. I have a keen interest in health and the environment and plan to base 1Skin around these ethics

2) How important was it to become certified as cruelty free?

Extremely important, I did what it took to get the accreditation. I even had to drop 1 supplier but I do not value money over the welfare of other beings. I am vegetarian who is moving into veganism and I am very careful what I spend my money on these days. I am a huge animal lover and it was after watching the movie Earthlings that I decided I need to be more mindful in general. The next lip balm I release will have the cruelty free logo on it and I will donate part of the proceeds to the cause. I just need to save for the rights to use the logo. We also donate monthly to PETA and Animals Australia.

3) What made you decide to use natural ingredients?

I am just naturally drawn to a product with “nature identical” ingredients. Also because the products are hand made by myself and I don’t have a science degree lol. Making natural products is more like cooking and there is such an abundance of amazing natural ingredients supplied to us by nature. I do use some products that are not considered to be “natural” but they must be cruelty free!

4) What’s next for 1Skin Solution? New products, scents?

Well as I am writing this my web guy is adding to the customised corporate branded products. We are now doing candles also. It will work the same way as the custom lip balms. I also want to add a to the 1Skin brand a lip balm in a tube with sunscreen, a mist with vitamins and anti oxidants. I love to spray my face and body with mists in the summer. More candles in gorgeous tins and maybe a scented natural bar soap. Eventually I want to have a whole face and body range.

Thanks to Raylene for taking the time to answer my questions! Have you tried anything from 1Skin Solution? What do you look for in a skincare company?

Disclaimer: I bought the candles myself but the lip balms were a  gift. This post includes affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure policy. Honesty is everything!

2 Comments on Spotlight On: 1Skin Solution

  1. Raylene Barton
    August 15, 2013 at 9:21 am (11 years ago)

    Thank you for having the spotlight on me and my little brand. I am so pleased you are enjoying the products. xx

    • I Spy Plum Pie (admin)
      August 16, 2013 at 9:23 am (11 years ago)

      My pleasure! I’m loving burning the candles – my room smells so good for ages! xx


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