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Bokashi Bucket Adventures: Month One

It’s now been a month since my bokashi bucket arrived and I started my composting adventures, apartment style so I thought I’d check in with an update on how it’s all going! I decided to leave the bokashi on my balcony both for space reasons and as I thought I’d test out the claim that it doesn’t smell! I found it a shady spot at the back of my balcony and went about using it as per the instructions.


Compost Options for Apartment Dwellers

Now that I’ve moved into an apartment for the first time there are lots of things I have to learn how to do differently. Up until now I’ve been in houses with either compost bins or worm farms (or sometimes both!) in the backyard so we could easily dispose of any food scraps but I wasn’t sure what I could do in my apartment, so I set about doing some research and thought it might be a good idea to share!