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August Favourite Finds 2016

Another month is coming to a close so it’s time for my August favourite finds! As usual it’s an eclectic bunch here at ISPP, and I’d love to hear about anything excellent you’ve found or done this month as well. Sharing is caring after all!


Review: Major Major, Collingwood

Major Major opened at the southern end of Smith Street late in 2014 and I visited not long after for lunch with my family and we were all mightily impressed with the food. B and I decided it was about time we returned to try their breakfast offerings and I actually remembered to take my camera this time!


Review: Xeom Street Food, Collingwood

On one of the recent very hot Melbourne days B and I decided to avoid doing any cooking and try one of the new restaurants to open on Smith Street recently – Xeom Street Food. Xeom does Vietnamese street food and the restaurant is brightly lit and welcoming. The walls are lined with jars, bottles and faux-propaganda posters and there are even a couple of tables set up like little carts.


Pubs for Vegetarians: Mr Scruff’s Collingwood

I decided it’s about time I did another post in my Pubs for Vegetarian’s series, and this stop takes us to a relatively new kid on the block in Collingwood – Mr Scruff’s. Mr Scruff’s is really more of a bar than a pub, although it does have a cute little courtyard that I’m sure will be getting quite the workout come summer.


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