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Chocolate Pepita Cookies | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Chocolate Pepita Cookies

We had a morning tea at work recently and I decided to get my bake on! I whipped up these chocolate pepita cookies and they weren’t down a real treat. Sweet, salty, crunchy – they cover all the bases and are seriously tasty. Plus, they are super simple to whip up – perfect!


Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Cookies

I hadn’t been doing much baking lately, but I re-sparked my love for baked goods with my recent banana oat loaf, so when I found myself with some apples sitting in my fruit bowl I decided they needed to find their way into something baked as well, so cookies it was! With cinnamon as the natural partner to apples I knew it needed to be part of the plan, and then threw in some walnuts for their crunch factor, and then I was away!


Recipe: Ginger Cookies

I wanted to make some thankyou cookies for a colleague who had been helping me out on a major project I have been working on over the last few months, and as we’re hurtling towards Christmas I thought it was only appropriate that I made him some spicy, delicious, ginger flavoured treats. Instead of traditional ginger biscuits which tend to be flat and crunchy like a gingernut biscuit, these are soft and doughy but still full of that delicious ginger flavour!


Recipe: Orange Choc-Chip Cookies

I seem to be making a different batch of cookies every week at the moment which has made me fairly popular with my housemates! I made these cookies large and quite flat so they were crispy on the edges and more doughy in the middle, but if you wanted you could make them smaller (and then they might last longer!) but remember to shorten the cooking time – nothing worse than burnt biscuits!