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How To: Jazz Up a Boring Sandwich

Are you sick of having the same boring sandwiches for lunch every day, but don’t have the time or facilities at work to make something more interesting? Then do I have the post for you today!


Review: Menulog Online Food Delivery & Giveaway

I received a voucher to try out Menulog

Growing up we weren’t really a takeaway kind of family, quite possibly because back then the options were somewhat limited! Whilst I still don’t eat it regularly it definitely is required from time to time, so when I was offered the chance to review Menulog I couldn’t turn it down, especially when it meant I could do a giveaway to my lovely readers at the same time!


How To: Storing Fruit & Vegetables

Recently when I wrote about compost options for apartments I mentioned the statistic that 40% of the average Australian bin is made up of food scraps and whilst composting them is better than throwing them away, what would be even better is to avoid as much of the food waste as possible! So, today I wanted to share some hints and tips for storing common fruits and vegetables to lengthen their life, as there is nothing worse than going to the fridge and finding that your produce has gone limp, or even worse, black and gooey. That’s no fun for anyone!


How To: Jar of Dates

Crafty posts aren’t exactly common around these parts, but I thought I’d share a little something I made for B in case you were looking for a simple, homemade and thoughtful gift for Valentines Day, or any other occasion! I actually made this as part of B’s Christmas present!


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