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Water Saving Tips

I’ve talked energy saving tips on the blog a few times now, so I thought it was about time I talked water saving tips as well! Most of my childhood took place during the big drought in Victoria so I have strong memories of seeing the dam levels reported on the news each night and only being able to water the garden on certain days, and between certain hours. Even though the drought has now officially broken in Victoria it still makes excellent sense to save water as much as possible, both to help the planet and to save money!


How To Choose Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Given the smell the emits from nail polish bottles it probably comes as no surprise that they can often be jam-packed with chemicals that are bad for both the environment and your health. The ingredients list can also be confusing and full of long, scientific names, so knowing what to look out for can get tricky. Today I’m here to help with all that, with a how-to guide on choosing non-toxic nail polish!


Top Tips for Eating Sustainably

Given this little space of mine is primarily dedicated to food and sustainable living it’s a little strange I haven’t actually combined the two topics yet, but today I’m going to rectify this! So here they are, my top tips for eating sustainably!


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