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Sparkling Thyme Lemonade | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Sparkling Thyme Lemonade

With warmer weather upon us I was looking for a delicious, refreshing drink to whip up. This sparkling thyme lemonade was the perfect answer! So tasty, so simple and it allowed me to use the growing pile of lemons I had too!


Recipe: Mint Lemonade

If you follow I Spy Plum Pie on facebook you may have seen that I have been the recipient of an impressive stash of lemons from my parents trees in recent weeks. If you’re not, can I be so bold as to suggest maybe you should be? It’s as easy as clicking like in the box in the sidebar, or visiting here instead! Lemons never last long in my house as we all have a multitude of uses for them, but one sunny Saturday morning I decided to embrace my inner child and make some lemonade. I fancied it up a little bit with the addition of mint and the end result was delicious! I can see this being made over and over  this summer (well, as long as my supply of lemons holds up!) and I have a sneaking suspicion it might work rather well as a base for cocktails too!