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Balcony Gardening & Basil and Mint Pesto

One of the things that attracted me to my little apartment when I was house hunting was the balcony. It’s a pretty decent size, north facing and covered so it is protected from the elements. It’s a lovely place to sit and read the paper on the weekend, or have a glass of wine after work, but I also hoped it would have great potential for growing some herbs and vegetables.


Recipe: Macadamia and Rocket Dip

This recipe could be called a dip or a pesto as it works just as well as both – have it as part of a platter of crudites and cheeses or on top of a pasta and either way you’ll be laughing. It’s absolutely full of flavour but super simple to make. I used savoury yeast in mine to make it vegan but you could definitely use parmesan instead if you prefer – either work perfectly! The hardest part is decided how to eat it!


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