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February GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

February GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review

It’s February GoodnessMe Box review time for 2020! This month’s box was packed with snack options, which is always ok by me. Particularly when there were so many I hadn’t tried before! So, shall we explore what was in the vegan version of the February GoodnessMe Box?


December GoodnessMe Box 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

December GoodnessMe Box 2019 Review

It’s December GoodnessMe Box review time! The last box of the year was another solid one, with a whole host of new (to me) delights! As per usual I went with the vegan option, and it was excellent to still be discovering new brands after subscribing for as long as I have. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about my GoodnessMe Box subscription! So, on to what was in the box!


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