New Orleans Eating: Coquette

The next stop on my American eating adventures took us to New Orleans! We were there for a long weekend and tried as much of the local cuisine as we could. We did want one fancy dinner though, so booked a Friday night dinner at Coquette.

The menu is short and only had a handful of vegetarian options, but I had read very positive reviews of those options so was pretty sure we’d be ok! The setting was really lovely – a late 1880s building that was still full of character. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful as well, helping us choose wine and talking us through the menu.

We started with some bread while we perused the menu ($8) which came with salted butter and beef marmalade. Obviously I didn’t try the marmalade but it got a very good review from my parents, and the salted butter was plenty delicious enough for me!

New Orleans Eating: Coquette | I Spy Plum Pie

For entrée my sister and I both ordered the Napa Cabbage Salad ($14) with celery and parmesan. The waiter warned us that it was very large and recommended we get one to share instead, which we were very happy to do. They even split it into two bowls for us and it’s safe to say we definitely didn’t need one each! For such a simple salad it sure was incredibly delicious! The dressing was zesty and fresh and the vegetables were crunchy and the parmesan added some excellent bite.

New Orleans Eating: Coquette | I Spy Plum Pie

Next up was the Carrot Bolognese ($26) which was served with ricotta, gemelli and basil. This was the dish I had read about in a review of Coquette and it certainly lived up to my expectations. The sauce was rich and the pasta was absolutely perfectly cooked. I loved the ricotta on top as well, it really tied everything together and made this a seriously winning dish.

New Orleans Eating: Coquette | I Spy Plum Pie

For dessert we shared an incredible cake that unfortunately I didn’t take down any details of. I do know however that it was dense, rich and seriously delicious. It was served with ice cream and a chocolate crumb and all the elements worked so well together. It was an excellent way to end an excellent meal!

New Orleans Eating: Coquette | I Spy Plum Pie

Overall we had a seriously excellent dinner at Coquette. It was a really lovely way to end what had been a busy and warm day of exploring New Orleans.

Have you been to New Orleans before? I highly recommend a visit to Coquette but definitely book ahead!

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