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Recipe: Banana Macadamia Loaf

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a pretty huge fan of banana bread as this marks my fourth variation I have shared here on the blog (you can find the others here, here & here!). This version makes use of delicious, crunchy macadamias and was topped with a sweet, brown sugar glaze so it’s slightly more decadent, whilst still going perfectly with a good ol’ cuppa!


Recipe: Banana Oat Loaf

Welcome to the new look I Spy Plum Pie! I decided it was time to change things up a bit so after a bit of a play on the weekend, here we have it! It was mainly B’s handy work, with me sitting to the side picking colours and asking a whole heap of questions, and in the end we have gone for what I think is a more streamlined, simple layout. I’m still playing with some of the features, but so far I’m liking it! I’d love to hear your thoughts too!


Recipe: Quinoa Porridge with 5 Topping Options

Now that the cold weather has well and truly set in I needed a change to my morning routine, with icy cold smoothies not really doing it for me anymore. I wanted something warming but still quick and easy to prepare and porridge made from quinoa flakes was just what I needed!


Recipe: Banana Pancakes

On the morning of my birthday I was treated to a delicious pancake breakfast made by B. I whipped up the batter the night before so we didn’t have to think too much in the morning, and served them up with chopped bananas, strawberries and a little of the salted caramel sauce leftover from my birthday cupcakes! Oh, and a sneaky glass of champagne too!


Recipe: Banana Caramel Cupcakes

Today’s post is a little bit special because, well, it’s my birthday! Yep, I’m turning the ripe old age of 27 today and what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes! Bringing cake on (or near) your birthday is mandatory at my work, not even the boss would get away with not bringing something to share, so I whipped up these bad boys to take in and pass around. They’ll have to wait until tomorrow though, I’m off to spend the day at the Peninsula Hot Springs with B instead (sorry work!)


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