Taking Stock: June 2017

Another quarter of the year is now behind us, so I’m taking stock and reflecting on where I am right now. As always I’m using the excellent prompters started by the lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. If you want to join in I’d love to read what you have to say as well!

Making: big messes in my kitchen every weekend. Bulk cooking & small kitchens can be a challenge!
Cooking: lots of soups, curries and other warming dishes
Drinking: plenty of coffee as always, plus the occasional glass of red wine
Reading: The United States of Absurdity – the book from one of my favourite podcasts, The Dollop

Taking Stock June 2017 | I Spy Plum PieWanting: a fun, cosy jumper for the winter
up things to do when I’m in Wellington later this year – I was born there but haven’t been back in the longest time
 what to listen to next, my podcast list is getting out of hand!
eating lots of roast veggies
 for dinner to be ready
all the fresh greens my balcony garden is producing
what the second half of the year will have in stock for me
the gorgeous morning light in the park on my walk to work

Taking Stock June 2017 | I Spy Plum PieConsidering: lots of things, I do love a ponder
lots of veggies to roast and eat with homegrown greens
a lot of footy, and a bit of Masterchef as well
for more of the crisp winter days we’ve been having, they’re gorgeous
at where this year is going
more time in my day, and week, but doesn’t everyone!
food in the oven, flowers on my table and a lovely candle burning
lots of layers and even a bit more colour than usual!
more and more blogs and instagram accounts about simplifying, slowing down and happiness

Taking Stock June 2017 | I Spy Plum PieThinking: about when I might be able to renovate my kitchen, it’s such an expensive undertaking!
people that are working hard to make a difference for other people
out what is in my freezer, it’s time to use a few things up!
excited for the second half of the year
so many emails. Time for another digital declutter I think
a lot at work which is always nice
pretty content all round at the moment
on roasted nuts before I pop them in a container to take to work
podcasts, always!
Honey Paprika Spiced Nuts | I Spy Plum Pie

I hope you liked this Taking Stock for June! I’d love to read yours as well!

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