8 Tips for a More Productive Commute

I’m very lucky to have a super short commute these days, but it hasn’t always been the case so today I wanted to share some tips for a more productive commute! The journey to and from work can feel like a frustrating waste of time, but give some of these ideas a try & you might soon change your mind!

8 Tips for a More Productive Commute | I Spy Plum Pie

1. Write to-do lists & set goals

Your trip to work is an excellent time to write out your daily to-do list for when you get into the office, allowing you to hit the ground running when you arrive. It’s also an excellent chance to either set, or check in on, your goals for both in and outside of work as you’ve got some dedicated time to yourself.

2. Clear out your inbox & voicemails

Another great way to create a more productive commute is to log in and clear out your emails and voicemails so you have a clean slate on arrival. If you drive to work then it can be a great time to make some phone calls – both business and personal – using your handsfree device.

3. Learn a skill

There are so many ways to learn new skills these days, and your commute (particularly on public transport!) is an excellent time to give something new a go. This might include downloading an app to help you learn a language, or something more hands on like knitting or crocheting. There’s also lots of TED Talks on all kinds of topics you could listen to for a more passive form of learning!

4. Listen to a podcast

My love of podcasts is fairly well established, so it should come as no surprise that they make this list! There’s lots of podcasts that can help expand your understanding on particular topics, teach you things or just make you laugh. I sometimes struggle to focus on podcasts if I’m doing something else at the same time, so commuting is the perfect time to give them a listen as you’re stuck there regardless!

5. Read

Reading, or audiobooks, is another excellent way to create a more productive commute. They can be books in your field of work, or books that help allow you to feel motivated, inspired or even just allow you to have some time out. Whilst I still love the feel of a book, e-books and audiobooks are an excellent invention as they allow us to carry a whole lot more books around with us at all times, so if your commute gets unexpectedly longer you’ll still have more reading on hand!

6. Try some meditation

It might sound impossible to meditate while commuting, but it really can be as simple as taking some slow, deep breaths while staring out the window. Downloading guided meditations are another excellent option as they help draw you back into the meditation throughout no matter what is happening around you. Finding some time on your commute to meditate will allow you to arrive at work, or back home, calmer and ready for whatever happens next.

7. Plan your week

As well as planning your work day your commute is a great opportunity to plan your life outside of work too. Do your meal planning, work out what’s coming up on the weekend, plan your outfit for the next day – anything that you need to get done. You have to do these things anyway so why not make an effort to do them while you’re on the move!

8. Build in some exercise

Whilst it might not be possible to walk or ride the whole way to work, building in some exercise is usually possible for most of us. This might mean riding to the station rather than driving, or getting off a stop or two early to walk the rest of the way, allowing you to get a little extra exercise each day. It might make your commute a little longer but if it then means you can cut down the time you spend at the gym then it’s a win all round!

Do you have a long commute? Have you tried any tricks to make it a more productive commute?

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