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Recipe: Cauliflower, Leek & Cannellini Bean Soup

I have a feeling this winter is going to be one full of soups for me, as now that I own a food processor the possibilities appear to be endless! I’m loving making up a big batch and then eating it for a few nights in a row with some crusty bread. Simple but it really hits the spot! The addition of the cannellini beans really help make the soup as they add bulk and protein whilst also helping make it extra smooth, creamy and delicious. Perfect!


Recipe: Potato and Leek Soup

It’s been a soup extravaganza at my place recently – this is the first winter I’ve owned a food processor so I’m loving being able to whip up big batches of soup in all kinds of flavour combinations. I had a few leeks in my organic veggie box recently so I thought a good ol’ potato and leek soup was in order. Creamy, hearty and delicious – everything you want on a cold winter’s night!


Recipe: Nutty Raw Brownie

There are lots of recipes out there for raw brownies however when I went to make myself a batch I decided I needed to tweak things up to include some nuts at the end to give the brownie a bit of crunch. I’ve always been funny about texture in food – for a long time I didn’t eat avocado because I couldn’t stand the texture, and similarly I really like my food to have a combination of some smooth bits and some crunchy bits which is why I am always throwing nuts into salads, stir fries and the like. I really like how this turned out, it’s a good mix of ‘cake’ like texture with some delicious crunch thrown in. All that AND it’s raw, vegan, sugar free and healthy. It’s too good to be true (almost!).


Recipe: Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Even though the weather has cooled down I’m still making up big salads for my work lunches as I find them super satisfying no matter what. Plus, it helps me pretend it’s slightly warmer than it really is! This salad was created because I knew I wanted to make a quinoa salad but I didn’t know what I wanted to put with it, so in the end I went with a rainbow assortment of vegetables, lots of herbs and a simple dressing of lemon juice. It turned out SO delicious and all the colour made me happy every time I ate it. Can’t ask for more than that from your lunch really!


Recipe: Stewed Apples

Today I wanted to share a deliciously simple recipe for stewed apples, that can then be used in a huge variety of ways – or, just eaten straight from the bowl! I don’t use much sugar in the recipe so it’s best to use sweeter varieties of apples, but if you can only get your hands on the more tart varieties of apples then maybe up the sugar or honey a little – depends how sweet you like them really!


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