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In my quest to learn more and more about living sustainably I have been doing a lot of reading. Most of this occurs online but often I want to disconnect myself from my laptop and be able to do my reading other places – most recently at the pool after the hot-spell Melbourne just had! Cue: Green Magazines.

There are two magazines I have started reading recently, and both have a different focus on sustainability which is great. The best part is they are both printed on recycled paper from accredited sources and Peppermint Magazine is also carbon neutral, so I don’t need to feel guilty about the paper being used to make the magazines.

The first is Peppermint Magazine, which is released quarterly and is focussed on “style, sustainability and substance”. The current edition covers topics like raw foods, natural health, profiles a number of designers and a zookeeper and evens ends with an assignment for readers to ‘count your blessings’. The magazine is full of beautiful photos and inspiring stories and really helps to show that sustainable living doesn’t need to equal boring or ugly or depriving yourself.


The second is Green Lifestyle Magazine which is released bi-monthly and is focussed on “simple sustainable living”.  The most recent edition includes stories on growing more veggies, sustainable bedding, advice from experts about building green, curbing water use and which foods supply the best source of vitamins and minerals. Green Lifestyle magazine is full of practical advice and easy to follow suggestions and I found myself marking pages to come back to until I had marked almost the whole magazine! I’d say that’s a good sign.

I have never been one to avidly read magazines but I have a feeling these two will be purchased repeatedly this year – it’s just a shame they don’t come out more often!

Do you read magazines on a specific topic? Any suggestions for others I might enjoy?

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