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5 Tips for a More Sustainable Bedroom

A little while back I shared a few tips to help you create a more sustainable bathroom, and today I’m back to share my top 5 tips for a more sustainable bedroom! Most of these changes are not only easy to implement but can be done whether you are renting or own your own home, and they aren’t expensive either. They will however leave you with a healthier, more eco friendly bedroom! I’d love to hear your tips as well!


Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping

Wrapping presents is something I really love doing but the amount of paper that can get wasted isn’t something that sits well with me. Today I thought I’d share some eco friendly Christmas wrapping ideas so you can still have gorgeously wrapped pressies with a little less impact on the planet.


Ethical Christmas Decorations

This year will be my first Christmas in my little apartment, and whilst we do most of the Christmas celebrations at my folks place I still wanted to get into the festive spirit at home. I started to look into where I could buy decorations that were fair trade, made from recycled materials or in some other way sustainably made so I thought I would share what I found with you all too! So here we go, my ethical Christmas decorations shopping guide!


Sustainable and Functional Lunchbox Options for Adults

I’m a big fan of taking my lunch to work and bring food from home almost every day. Not only does it save me a ridiculous amount of money (seriously, $11 for a crappy sandwich? No thanks!) but it guarantees I will have something delicious and hearty ready to eat when lunchtime rolls around. The only tricky part is that I walk to work, so whatever I am bringing needs to be in a sturdy, well sealed container to make sure there’s no unfortunate spillages along the way!


Spotlight On: Loving Earth

Loving Earth are a Melbourne based company who are dedicated to providing organic, fair trade, sustainable products from small producers across the world. They sell super foods and raw chocolate, and their range is impressive – including butters and spreads, ancient superfoods like goji berries and maca powder, raw cacao products, fruit, nuts and seeds, and natural sweeteners.


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