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September Favourite Finds 2016

My September Favourite Finds are very liquid heavy this time around – from the healthy to the not so healthy kind! I had a pretty excellent month all round, including a glorious week spent in sunny Port Douglas (more on that in a separate post!) and lots of other fun times along the way. I’d love to hear what your favourite finds were this month as well!


How to Choose Eco Friendly Beer

One of my lovely readers requested a post on choosing eco friendly beer, and I like nothing more than to provide helpful information – so here we have it! Beer has always been my go-to alcoholic drink of choice (in moderation of course!). My friends know I love beer so much so that they have asked me to start making your own beer at home which I might be doing in the coming week. I have done my research over the years, making this definitely a topic I’m happy to talk about! If you have any other topics you’d like me to research for you just let me know!


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