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Recipe: Banana Walnut Muffins

I found myself with a fruit bowl full of rather ripe bananas over the weekend and, as it was a little fresh to fancy a smoothie, muffins seemed like the obvious next choice. I wanted to keep them as healthy as possible so went light on the sugar content, and threw in some nuts and lots of cinnamon to ensure they are still full of flavour. The end result was these banana walnut muffins and they were the perfect treat for work during the week!


Recipe: Apple Loaf

Homemade baked treats are so good for the spirit, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of baking in lately! Thankfully I have a willing group of workmates who are always more than happy to help polish off anything I have whipped up, saving me from having to eat it all myself! This apple loaf was a firm favourite, perfect with a mid-morning cuppa and an excellent pick-me-up treat.


Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Cookies

I hadn’t been doing much baking lately, but I re-sparked my love for baked goods with my recent banana oat loaf, so when I found myself with some apples sitting in my fruit bowl I decided they needed to find their way into something baked as well, so cookies it was! With cinnamon as the natural partner to apples I knew it needed to be part of the plan, and then threw in some walnuts for their crunch factor, and then I was away!


Recipe: French Apple Cake

Mother’s Day coincided with my Nan’s birthday this year so I played host to my nan and parents for lunch, which of course required cake! Our family isn’t one for fancy, cream-filled cakes so I decided to keep it simple and take advantage of all the delicious apples in the fruit shop at the moment, so whipped up an apple cake. It was so well received that even after a big lunch my Nan went back for seconds!


Recipe: Quinoa Porridge with 5 Topping Options

Now that the cold weather has well and truly set in I needed a change to my morning routine, with icy cold smoothies not really doing it for me anymore. I wanted something warming but still quick and easy to prepare and porridge made from quinoa flakes was just what I needed!


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