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Recipe: Afghan Biscuits

I’m currently in New Zealand with all my family (and there’s a lot of us!) for my nana’s 80th birthday, so I thought it was only appropriate to share a recipe that reminds me of her – afghan biscuits!


Recipe: Choc-Oat Cookies

We recently held a bake-sale at work to raise funds for Nepal, and I figured you can’t go wrong with good ol’ fashioned choc-oat cookies! Unfortunately I was then too sick to actually take them to work on the day of the sale, but they were still all devoured by my team the next day! Plus, we raised lots of money so that’s really the main thing!


Recipe: Coconut, Almond & Date Cookies

Whenever my folks come over they look to see if there’s any baked goods in my kitchen, and they’re always disappointed if they come up short. So the next time I was heading out to visit them I knew I better not show up empty handed so whipped up these coconut, almond & date cookies which were definitely well received!


Recipe: Raisin, Walnut & Oat Cookies

I seem to be using oats in a lot of my baking of late, I don’t know whether it’s because oats remind me of winter food but it shall be interesting to see how long it lasts! There’s something about oats in cookies that makes them feel healthier and more filling, and with the addition of fruit and nuts you could almost eat these for breakfast!


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