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Recipe: Mini Vegetable Frittatas

Is there anything better than mini versions of things, food included? I don’t think so, and these mini frittatas are no exception. Years ago when I was living in Amsterdam a friend and I made a whole set of mini things for some friends that had just moved to London – it’s amazing what you can find in miniature once you start looking! We had a mini table tennis set, mini cups and bowls and spoons, tiny cans of drink and all manner of other itty bitty things. It ended up being a rather large collection of very small things!


Palm Oil Free Easter Treats

Easter is almost upon us again, and with it comes the onslaught of specialty chocolate treats, all calling out to be bought for Easter egg hunts, presents, and, well, eating! Whilst I’m not generally a huge chocolate eater (I’m more of a savoury treat girl) I still like to enjoy an egg or two at this time of year, so I thought I should do some digging into which brands are palm oil free, and which we should be avoiding at all costs.


Review: Breakfast Thieves

While preparing for my upcoming move to my new apartment we have been trying to make sure we eat at all our local favourite cafes and restaurants before they become not so local anymore. This isn’t such a huge thing for me though as I’m only moving about 1.5km up the road, but given the number of cafes in that small distance it will probably be difficult to find the motivation to walk that bit further when hungry for brunch on the weekend! One cafe I will miss being around the corner from is Breakfast Thieves, which is located a street back from Smith Street, on the ground floor of an apartment building.


Recipe: Breakfast Burrito

Sometimes when I find myself with a range of vegetables that need using up I whip up a breakfast burrito for a quick and satisfying meal. The best part is you don’t even have to restrict them to just breakfast, they are equally delicious for a super fast mid-week dinner, or any time the desire hits!


Baking for Allergies

Food allergies are something we seem to be becoming increasingly aware of, even if, like me, you are lucky enough not to have any. As someone that loves cooking, and particularly baking, for others I am often catering for people that do, so need to adjust my recipes accordingly. Obviously for egg and dairy allergies you can always seek out a vegan recipe, but sometimes it’s not easy to find one, or you want to adapt a recipe you already know, so I thought I would share some simple alternatives I have discovered over the years to make your baked goods allergy friendly.


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