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While preparing for my upcoming move to my new apartment we have been trying to make sure we eat at all our local favourite cafes and restaurants before they become not so local anymore. This isn’t such a huge thing for me though as I’m only moving about 1.5km up the road, but given the number of cafes in that small distance it will probably be difficult to find the motivation to walk that bit further when hungry for brunch on the weekend! One cafe I will miss being around the corner from is Breakfast Thieves, which is located a street back from Smith Street, on the ground floor of an apartment building.

Considering I have eaten brunch at Breakfast Thieves on multiple occasions I’m very surprised it’s taken me this long to write about it! As always at brunch B and I started with our drinks of choice – a soy flat white & and english breakfast tea – and then set to work perusing the menu. A few times in the past I have had the corn fritters, which have been served with various accompaniments over time and have always been delicious, but this time I decided to branch out and order something I normally wouldn’t.

I went with the Breakfast Chain ($18) which was soft-boiled eggs & english cheddar melted soldiers with saffron poached pears, almond crumble & marbled berry yoghurt. I couldn’t tell you the last time I ate soft-boiled eggs (particularly not with soldiers!) but I’m so glad I ordered this.


The eggs were perfectly runny and when paired with the extra cheesy bread pieces were a oozy, comforting delight. The amount of bread was spot on as well, just enough to mop up all the delicious egg yolk.


The poached pairs provided a great balance to the dish by bringing a nice, sweet follow up to the cheesy, salty eggs and bread. The almond crumble and yoghurt worked really well too and I could have kept eating this for ages (except for the fact I was getting pretty full!). I guess it goes to show that stepping outside your comfort zone is sometimes an excellent idea!


B also ordered something a little different to his normal order and went with the Thieves on the Run ($12.50) which is their breakfast sandwich of an english cheddar omelette, wild rocket & homemade relish on a ciabatta roll. The menu version includes bacon, but it is listed as vegetarian on request, so B had the bacon removed which was replaced with mushrooms. They originally said it would be replaced with mushrooms & avocado, but when it arrived there was no avocado present, but as it was the mushrooms B was really interested in we decided it wasn’t worth sending back – plus, we were hungry!


Regardless it was jam-packed with flavour, the omelette was really nice and cheesy and the relish provided a nice little kick of heat as well. B was more than happy with his order!


Overall we had another great brunch at Breakfast Thieves and I’m sure we’ll be back, even if it won’t be a 2 minute walk away for much longer!

Do you tend to stick to tried-and-tested menu items or branch out to try new things?

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