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November Favourite Finds

It’s time for my November Favourite Finds! It’s been a much quieter month than my event-filled October, which as we head towards the end of the year was probably a good thing! This month’s favourite finds are an eclectic bunch, but that’s a pretty good reflection of my month too! I’d love hear your November favourite finds too!


July Favourite Finds

Another month down, and what a month it was! My long weekend in Sydney was certainly a highlight, but given that has gotten it’s own attention already I won’t rehash that here, instead here are my other July Favourite Finds!


May Favourite Finds

May hasn’t exactly been the best month for me personally, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t some excellent things as well! So to round out the month I thought I’d share my May favourite finds with you all! I’d love to hear about any new favourites you’ve discovered this month as well!


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