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June Favourite Finds 2020 | I Spy Plum Pie

June Favourite Finds 2020

Somehow it’s June favourite finds time! After a few months that felt like they went forever, things definitely seem to be speeding back up again. My June favourite finds are another eclectic bunch – I’d love to hear about yours too!


June Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum Pie

June Favourite Finds 2018

My June Favourite Finds are less food focussed and more home and eco focussed this month! As I’ve been getting ready to flee the cold weather for a month I’ve been a spending a bit more time at home, and it’s reflected in what I’ve got to share! I’ve got everything from beauty to home decorating, and I’d love to hear your June favourite finds as well!


June Favourite Finds

Phew, somehow we’ve hit the end of another month, so it’s time to share my June favourite finds! It’s been a much better month for me personally as well as an exciting one for the blog, but it’s not all been full pace – I’ve found some time for mindfulness as well. So here we go!


June Adventures – Week 1

June has arrived which means winter is no longer coming, it’s right here! It’s been a slight struggle for me to reacclimatise after 10 days of tropical warmth and sunshine, but I’m now well in the habit of rugging up and embracing whatever sunshine comes my way!  (more…)