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Recipe: Healthy Vegetarian Nachos

Mexican food is one of mine & B’s favourites to whip up at home, and I think nachos are one of the best forms of Mexican food. Unfortunately they can also be rather unhealthy so I have been tinkering with ways to up the healthy factor without reducing the flavour and I think I’ve found a winner!


Review: La Condesa Taqueria

I’m a big lover of Mexican food, yet somehow never made it to check out La Condesa when it was just a taco stand in the back garden of the site, so when B and I were looking for somewhere local to try one Friday night we decided to stop by and try the slightly expanded menu of the indoor eating section which opened a few months back.


Recipe: Black Bean Tacos

Mexican food is a big favourite of mine and B’s, it’s so easy to whip up, full of flavour and you can use pretty much anything you have on hand. I had been sick and had pretty much no appetite for almost a week (the worst kind of sickness for someone like me!) so had a fridge full of veggies that needed using, so into the mix they all went! I’ve become a big fan of black beans recently as well, although sometimes it’s tricky to find cans of them, but worth the effort when you do locate them! I went cheese-less when making these, opting to go more heavy handed on the avocado instead, but obviously you can cheese them up if you so desire!


Vegetarian Favourites: Trippy Taco

Despite the fact I live at the other end of Smith Street to Trippy Taco I hadn’t been for a really long time, but in the last few weeks I have rectified this with two delicious visits. Trippy Taco is a vegetarian institution in Collingwood, having been first on Smith Street and now around the corner on Gerturde Street for over 10 years. They serve Mexican street food that is all vegetarian, with lots of vegan and gluten free options, and it’s always doing a roaring trade of both takeaway and eat-in food. It’s also fully licensed so you can enjoy a Mexican beer with your tacos – always important!


Recipe: Mexican Bean Salad

This recipe is a super quick and easy meal I like to make a big batch of to use for work lunches – it’s healthy, filling and full of veggies. You can pretty much use whatever veggies you have on hand, so I used what I had left from this fortnight’s veggie box delivery.


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