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Fennel Apple and Cabbage Slaw | I Spy Plum Pie

Recipe: Fennel Apple and Cabbage Slaw

We were on salad duty for Christmas this year, which is always ok with me! We decided to make salads we hadn’t tried before which thankfully worked out very well – last week I shared the delicious¬†nectarine, haloumi & pomegranate salad we made. Our other contribution was this fennel apple and cabbage slaw and it will likely be on high rotation this summer – fresh, crunchy and oh so delicious.


Recipe: Winter Slaw

My winter meals tend to revolve around hearty meals like curries, pastas and roast veggies but sometimes I want something fresh and zesty and that’s where this winter slaw comes out to play! Not only is it light and delicious, but it even improves with time making it perfect for make ahead cooking!