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Recipe: Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad

This is one of those salads that is hearty enough to be a meal all by itself, without leaving you feeling sluggish and snoozy afterwards. It’s full of protein from the lentils, Vitamin A and C from the sweet potato and is a little bit fancy thanks to the addition of goats cheese! You can dress this salad in pretty much whatever dressing you like best – I went with a simple lemon juice and dijon mustard dressing, but seeded mustard, a tahini dressing or even an apple cider vinegar dressing would work well too. Make it your own!


Recipe: Sweet Potato & Broccolini Ramen

Despite the fact this looks like a pasta dish, that is in fact ramen on the bottom there! I whipped this up the other evening when short on time and ideas for dinner and I was super happy with the combination that I thought I should probably share! Everything cooks in under 20 minutes so then it’s just a matter of putting it all together and pouring some marinade over the top and you’re done!


Recipe: Sweet Potato, Carrot & Chilli Soup

This recipe was inspired by the recipe Erica from Addicted to Handmade shared on her blog a little while back. I didn’t have the same ingredients that she did, but it was a great launching off point for a delicious soup! I’m loving finally owning a food processor as up until this point my soup making has been limited to chunky minestrone soups, and while I still will be making large batches of that over the winter as it’s always been a favourite, I can’t wait to try out all kinds of other flavour combinations as well!


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