Taking Stock: December 2018

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing one of these taking stock posts at the end of each year – so here we are again! The prompters were developed by the excellent Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and are a great way to press pause and reflect on life right now. If you’d like to play along please do, and let me know so I can see your taking stock reflections as well!

So, here we go!

Making: travel plans for 2018, which always makes me a happy camper
Cooking: things that allow me to play with my new stand mixer – I was spoilt at Christmas!
Drinking: iced long blacks in the morning and rosé or homemade cocktails in the evening
I’m actually already re-reading Brooke McAlary’s book – Slow. I feel like it’s a good one to make sure I’m in the right headspace to kickstart the 2018 I want to have

September Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum PieWanting: my veggies to ripen, it’s been a weird summer for my balcony garden so far
forward to seeing in the new year with some lovely people tomorrow
what to do during the last day of the year tomorrow
having some real down time, at least for a few more days
to see how my first sauerkraut turns out in my new fermentation kraut
how much cricket there is for me to watch and go to at this time of year
what I can do to make this year less hectic at my job – it’s shaping to be a big one!
the new places in my suburb I can get local produce from, including a great little market

Taking Stock: December 2018 | I Spy Plum Pie

Considering: what to make with the kilo of plums I got from my mum’s trees – any suggestions?
not too much, but I do need to visit the sales for a couple of replacement things soon!
well, lots of cricket. Outside of that The Crown and The Good Place – both are excellent!
to make more time in 2018 to read books, so tell me your recent favourites please!
at how many inspiring, genuine people are out there
to do another round of decluttering – there’s some cupboards that missed the last few purges! 
one of the delicious candles I’m burning – I intend to actually use them more from now on!

Taking Stock: December 2018 | I Spy Plum PieWearing: lots of fun dresses from Little Party Dress
possibly too many podcasts, it might be time for a cull
about the kinds of things I want to share on the blog this year, I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions too!
zero-waste people – it’s something I’m not quite able to achieve yet, but I do love learning from them
out plans to see friends who are in town for the Christmas break, yay!
excited about adventures I’m planning this year
all my cookbooks for meal planning ideas

Giggling: as much as possible, it’s good for the soul
optimistic about 2018, for no particular reasons though!
on some delicious treats from the December GoodnessMe Box – it was another winner!
friends plan holidays, which is almost as good as planning my own!
still lots and lots of true crime podcasts – I can’t get enough of them!

And that’s it for another year of Taking Stock, and for this little blog of mine. Thanks for all your lovely support this year, you’re all ace! I hope 2018 kicks off in fine style and is full of happiness for you all.

I’d love to see your Taking Stock posts too – so leave a link in the comments if you play along too!

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