Why Slow Living Takes Constant Work

I’ve been exploring slow living for a few years now, and whilst it would be nice to think I’d have it all figured out, I’m far from it. In fact, the one thing that has been abundantly clear to me is that slow living takes constant work, and I’m actually totally ok with that. Today I thought I’d explore this topic a little further, and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.

There’s a couple of really big reasons why I think slow living takes constant work, and that’s because it’s not necessarily easy, and our lives are always changing. The more I learn about slow living the more I recognise there is more I could be doing to simplify my life, but also that what I need will change as my life changes. And that’s ok! I see slow living as a lifestyle not a destination to get to, and my version of it will be unique to me, so the work is worth it.

When I say slow living requires constant work I don’t mean it’s gruelling or painful, more that it just needs me to actively think about it. Choosing to live in a way that doesn’t just take advantage of the ‘easy’ solutions that have been created for us – fast food, fast fashion, you name it – is always going to be more work. It’s all about being intentional though, and for me that is what matters. To align my actions with my values means doing more research before buying things, and more time spent in the kitchen. These things might not always be easy, but for me they are well and truly worthwhile. Plus, over time they become habits and just part of my normal life, even if they might not always be other people’s normal.

Over the years things for me have of course changed – my work has gotten more demanding, and my hobbies have gone through phases. As a result, what slow living means to me has also changed. Right now for me it’s less homemade and more ethically sourced clothes, more meals at tables and less time watching tv, less rushing around and more single tasking. This is part of why I think tilting is such an important part of slow living, but it’s something I need to actively remind myself of from time to time.

For me, whilst working to find my version of slow living might take a little more brain power than the ready-made solutions, what I get in return comes back in spades. I feel more grounded, more connected to what is important to me and all around happier. And if that doesn’t make it all worth while then I don’t know what will!

Do you find slow living takes constant work too?

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