Italian Feast River Cottage Style

I got the River Cottage Veg Everyday cookbook for Christmas and despite flicking through it and wanting to cook everything from it then and there it has languished on my shelf with all my other cookbooks ever since. That was until I stumbled across Sarah’s blog, Down by the Sea where she will be making as many recipes from the book as she can this year, which inspired me to pull it back off the shelf and make a few things!

I decided to make a little italian feast for B and I, so made the tomato bruschetta and pasta with new potatoes, green beans and pesto and both were delicious!

I started by making the pesto, which was a mix of basil and parsley. I used walnuts because B doesn’t like pine nuts, and added slightly more parmesan and lemon juice than the recipe calls for, as I like my pesto with a bit of bite to it!


Lots of yummy fresh ingredients


All in the blender


Finished product

Unfortunately my old, worn out blender struggled a little with this, but I have dropped some not so subtle hints and may well be getting a new blender/food processor from my parents for my upcoming birthday, then there will be nothing stopping me!

The bruschetta was super simple but delicious. Fresh bread, ripe tomatoes with torn up basil leaves and some garlic – how can you go wrong?



Main course called for the pesto to be brought back out and was combined with thin cut potatoes and green beans as the accompaniment to the pasta. Again, nice and simple but full of flavour.



All in all it was a delicious dinner and has definitely inspired me to make more meals from this cookbook. I should probably dust off some of my other cookbooks while I’m at it and see what I can discover inside!

Do you have a favourite cookbook?

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  1. Sarah
    March 20, 2013 at 7:37 am (11 years ago)

    This recipe looks so good thank you for mentioning me I’m glad you got your book off the shelf. I will have to try this recipe too!
    Sarah x


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