December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review

It’s time for the last GoodnessMe Box of the year! The December GoodnessMe Box was unsurprisingly festive themed, and it was packed with not only lots of delicious goodies but some skincare too. As per usual I went with the vegan option, so let’s see what was inside!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

MMMore Power Cube

This raspberry power cube was a delicious way to kick off the December GoodnessMe Box! It wasn’t too sweet, was packed with nuts and coconut and made an excellent snack to get me through the silly season. An excellent new brand that I hadn’t tried before, which is what I love about GoodnessMe Box!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Oral Health Innovations

This swirlit drink was one of the most intriguing products I’ve seen in one of these boxes! It’s a mouthwash, but one that you actually drink. I was a little unsure of it, but it tasted pretty good and seemed to work too! I don’t use mouthwash normally, but this is definitely something I’m keen to explore further.

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Skinfood Sheet Mask

I love a sheet mask and this kiwifruit and tangerine mask was an excellent one. It felt nourishing and left my skin feeling refreshed and brightened. I particularly loved that it was packed with natural ingredients because that’s super important to me with my skincare.

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Mary’s Gone Crackers

I’ve had these crackers a few times and always enjoyed them, and this was no exception. I love that you can see chunks of the ingredients, and that they are suitable for lots of dietary requirements. Most of all I just love that they are crunchy and delicious!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Taprobane Tea

As someone who doesn’t usually like sweet, fruit teas I was surprised by how much I enjoyed these. They were still predominantly ceylon tea but with just enough berry or apple and cinnamon flavour to add some excellent flavour and interest. I’d definitely consider drinking these again!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Knowrish Well Better Cheddar

Whilst I do eat cheese I often cook for friends who don’t, so having alternatives on hand is always useful. I go through a lot of nutritional yeast, but this is an even more delicious option. Packed with cashews, turmeric, mustard, onions and of course some nutritional yeast, it’s perfect as a pasta sauce, in dips, salads, you name it. I’ll definitely be picking up a bigger jar the next time I see it in store somewhere.

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Natural Raw C Coconut Milk

This vanilla bean coconut milk was another pleasant surprise in the December GoodnessMe Box. It was creamy, with an excellent vanilla flavour and it made for an excellent mid-morning drink. I didn’t expect to like drinking coconut milk as much as I did, so it could be a dangerous discovery!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie


I love this stuff, so much so I was already working my through a container! This one has gone in the pantry for when my current one is empty, but I have no doubt that won’t take long given how much I use it. I love sprinkling it on eggs, avocado, dips, roast veggies, you name it. It adds excellent flavour and just a little kick of spice! Well worth giving it a try if you haven’t already.

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Lori’s Wholesome Pantry

Having some snacks in the December GoodnessMe Box was very useful in the busy days leading up to Christmas, and this one was particularly delicious. It wasn’t too sweet, had a base of cashews which I love, and an excellent amount of zesty lime flavour. A definite winner.

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Essano Superfoods Facial Oil

This turmeric facial oil couldn’t have appeared at a better time, as I had just run out of my regular face oil. I’ve been using it twice daily since and my skin seems to be enjoying it. It’s hydrating but light and my face seems to just drink it up. It doesn’t feel maybe quite as nourishing as the one I had been using (Face Hero from Go-To) but I’ll keep using it and see how it goes. I always like to give skincare at least a month to try it out, so it was great to get a full sized bottle in the December GoodnessMe Box to try!

December GoodnessMe Box 2018 Review | I Spy Plum PieThere we have it, my thoughts on the December GoodnessMe Box for 2018! What items are you most interested in?

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