Fun Winter Activities To Do Inside

As the cold weather descends on us and we still need to stay at home we need to find ways to entertain ourselves. Given we have already spent a fair amount of time at home in the last few months it might feel like there’s no more indoor things to do! Hopefully that’s not the case though, so here are some winter activities to do inside! I’d love to hear your ideas as well.

Fun Winter Activities to do Inside | I Spy Plum Pie

Try new hot drinks

When the cold weather hits I raid my pantry for all kinds of hot drink options. Sure, there are the classic options but why not expand to try something new this winter. Mix up your hot chocolate with some chilli or even spike it with rum. Give making your own warm apple cider or mulled wine a shot. Try some new flavours of teas. There are so many delicious and warming options!

Make fancy brunches

Whilst we can now go back to cafes in small numbers, a full return to regular cafe visits is probably going to happen slowly. So, whipping up your own fancy brunches at home is an excellent winter activity to do inside instead. From savoury breakfasts with all the sides to fancy sweet dishes – expand your culinary horizons! Add a mimosa for an extra fancy Sunday morning spread!

Have a full-on movie night

This one is great to do with either your household, or as a small gathering with friends. Pick your favourite movie, make your lounge as cosy as possible and go all out on the treats. You could match the snacks to the theme of the film, or lean on the classics – popcorn, choc-tops, jaffas, soft-drink the works!

Declutter some cupboards

This might not seem like a ‘fun’ activity, but I know I always feel better once I have done some decluttering. Start with a task that you can do in under 30 minutes or pick a room or cupboard to work your way through. It’s an excellent rainy day activity – pop on a podcast, prepare yourself to get started and work your way through the task. The end result will be worth it!

Start a new craft

I know lots of people have picked up new crafts during isolation, but if you haven’t already then winter is the perfect time to do it. Crafts are quintessential winter activities to do inside for a reason! There are lots of online classes for things like knitting and crocheting, you can get kits delivered for painting or sewing – basically anything you have wanted to learn you can do from home! Personally I’m thinking of getting back in to something like cross-stitching (I did it a lot as a kid!) or try something like macrame. I also have a sewing machine in my cupboard I should pull back out!

Host a board games night

This is another excellent activity for small gatherings at home! Invite a few friends over, order in takeaway or cook up a feast and pull out whatever board or card games take your fancy. It’s a seriously excellent way to socialise in winter whilst staying warm, dry and in small groups. The card game Sushi Go has become a favourite with my friends recently!

Do an at home spa treatment

One of my favourite winter activities to do inside, especially when it is raining, is to pamper myself. This usually includes at the very least a face mask, but usually a hair mask, skin scrub, manicure – you name it. I light some candles, play some relaxing music and make my house as peaceful as possible. It’s such a lovely way to treat myself, and I always feel excellent afterwards!

What are your favourite winter activities to do inside?

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