Tips to Make Your Home Cozy

Given we are heading in to cold weather in Australia and spending almost all our time indoors, I thought it was a good time to focus on getting ourselves ready for it! So, here are my tips to make your home cozy without spending big dollars. I’d love to hear your tips too!

Tips to Make Your Home Cozy | I Spy Plum Pie

Play With Lighting

One of the easiest ways to make your home cozy is to play with the lighting. Moving lamps around or bringing more lamps in so you can avoid using overhead lights is an excellent place to start. Switching out your globes from ‘cool’ to ‘warm’ is another really simple, and cheap change you can make. Soft lighting is the way to go to make everything feel more cozy.

Layer Up Textiles

Now is the time to bring out all those soft cushions and snuggly throws. Pile them up on your couch and bed, put large pillows on the floor – mix things up! The best part is there are plenty of places you can order new things online if you haven’t previously been on the cushion bandwagon! Look for options with interesting textures – furry, velvet and cable knit are excellent cozy options.

Use Those Candles

Most of us have lots of candles in the cupboard that we have collected along the way. If you want to make your home cozy then this is the time to pull them out and use them. The light they give off is calming, and the addition of a lovely scent is important as well. I’m mixing up scents for when I’m working versus relaxing which is helping create some separation on that front as well.

Switch Up Your Bedding

A super easy way to make your home cozy is to switch up your bedding. Cooler weather is the time for flannel sheets, warm blankets and fluffy quilts. Layer these all up for the most inviting bed, then add an electric blanket or a hot water bottle for extra coziness. If we can’t go out you might as well make your bed as comfy as you can!

Bring In Warm Colours

If you’re buying new bedding, cushions or rugs then go for warmer tones rather than cool tones. You want colours that make your home feel more intimate and cozy. Thankfully every colour has a warm or cool option, so you aren’t limited to a colour palate that might not match the rest of your home!

Introduce More Plants

I mean I’ll take any excuse to add more plants to my home! However, they can help make your home cozy, I promise. They add texture and life and make your space feel more inviting. That is super important when we will all be spending more time inside our homes. Look for options that purify the air as well given it will be too cold soon to have the windows open for long!

Cover Your Floors

The floor is another super important spot to focus on to make your home cozy – particularly if you have floor boards. If buying a big rug is out of the question at the moment, look to get a few small ones that you can put in important places. Next to the bed, under your arm chair, those kinds of spots. Or, splash out on a cozy pair of slippers instead to keep your feet warm no matter what!

Set Up A Reading Nook

If, like me, you plan on doing a lot of reading through this time of social distancing, then setting up a spot designed for this is an excellent idea. Designate an arm chair that is your reading spot, set up the lighting, add cushions or a cozy throw and make sure your feet will be warm. Having somewhere to curl up to get stuck in to a book is a surefire way to make your home feel cozy!

What have you done to make your home cozy?

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