Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles

I have been on the puzzle bandwagon for a while now (which you’d know if you’ve seen my insta stories!), so today I thought I’d talk about why I love jigsaw puzzles. Large, small, colourful – you name it, I love them all! I’d love to hear your thought on puzzles too!

Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles | I Spy Plum Pie

Puzzles were something I really enjoyed as a kid, and with so many new free jigsaw puzzles I am loving it. So a few years ago I got my folks to dig up any they still had lying around and re-did them. I then started swapping puzzles with friends, and in more recent times thanks to their growing popularity, have been picking up new puzzles somewhat regularly. These days if you come to my house you’re more than likely to spot a puzzle underway on a board in my lounge! There are lots of reasons why I love jigsaw puzzles, but here are some of the main ones!

I find them relaxing

Probably the key reason I love jigsaw puzzles is that I find them relaxing. The repetitive nature of sorting pieces, fitting them together and slowly building up the picture is almost meditative. As a result, I am not thinking about anything else and can properly switch off from the day.

Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles | I Spy Plum Pie

They present a challenge

Somehow I find puzzles both challenging and relaxing! I think it’s the fact that whilst yes, they can be hard, there is always a solution if you give it enough time. I love that they require me to use both the logical and creative sides of my brain to work through the problem. They are also an excellent reminder that sometimes it just takes some time and patience to solve a problem.

They are a screen free activity

I have been focusing on reducing my screen time in the evenings and jigsaw puzzles are an excellent solution. They provide me a fun activity after dinner that doesn’t involve the TV, and because my hands are also occupied I can’t be using my phone either. As a result I usually just put on some music or a podcast and potter away at my puzzle for an hour or more before bed. Perfect!

Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles | I Spy Plum Pie

They are excellent solo or with friends

Most of the time I do my puzzles at home by myself, but I also love that they can be an excellent social activity. We did one as a family over Christmas which was lots of fun (and much quicker!). I have also done them with friends over a glass or two of wine – seriously who doesn’t love jigsaw puzzles!

You get to make pretty pictures

Ok, this is more of a side benefit of puzzles, but that’s ok! I tend to choose my puzzles based on what the end picture is, and gravitate to animals, plants, scenery or food (all my favourite things!). I particularly love putting together puzzles of places I have visited in the world as it brings back excellent memories. Getting to see it all come together as you make it just adds to the fun!

Why I Love Jigsaw Puzzles | I Spy Plum Pie

Do you also love jigsaw puzzles?

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