March Favourite Finds 2018

It’s March Favourite Finds time! It’s been a super busy month at work, but I made sure to find some fun in there as well! Market trips, pub trivia, dinners with friends, shopping adventures and plenty of down time to recharge the batteries were all on the cards. I’d love to hear all about your March favourite finds as well!

Community Cookbook

I’m probably one of the last salad-loving-vegetarians in Australia to have bought the Community cookbook, but I finally did! It’s as good as everyone has said it is! I particularly love the opening section that talks about building a salad and I can’t wait to cook my way through the book!

March Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum PieJackfruit

I’ve eaten a bunch of jackfruit based dishes out but I had never cooked with it myself, so when I spotted this in my local shops I had to give it a try. I used this pack to make some pulled jackfruit tacos and they were a spicy and delicious dinner. There were some other flavours as well so I’ll definitely be going back to try more. Plus, it cooks in under 10 minutes!

March Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum Pie


I have long been a huge fan of AFL, so unsurprisingly I am also very keen on the women’s version. I had heard a few interviews with Sam Lane about her book on the ALFW and knew I had to get my hands on it. It’s a fantastic read full of amazing stories about incredible women. Well worth a read even if you’re not yet a fan of the AFLW!

March Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum Pie


I’ve been on a bit of a tempeh run lately, and this one was another winner. Made from organic Australian soybeans, this flavour also was a mix of pepitas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It had a delicious paprika flavour and made a delicious, healthy and oh-so-simple dinner option. Winner!

March Favourite Finds | I Spy Plum Pie

What were your March favourite finds?

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