Pubs for Vegetarians: The Union Club Hotel

And we’re back for the third instalment of the tour of vegetarian friendly pubs! If you missed stop 1 and two, you can find them here and here! This time I headed to the Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy for an easy Saturday night meal. The place was absolutely packed, but we managed to find ourselves a table on the outside roof deck (which luckily has heaters!) and settled in for our dinner.

The Union is an old-school style pub with a fairly extensive menu, chock full of all the pub favourites. The vegetarian options aren’t extensive, however there is always one vegetarian special so even if you were to visit a few times at least there would be some variety to choose from! There is usually at least one vegetarian pizza special as well, so when combined with the couple of options on the menu there’s definitely enough choice.

B and I went just for mains this time, sticking with some pub classics. B went with the eggplant parmigiana from the specials board ($20) which he said was pretty delicious. It was a good sized parma without being ridiculous, although I think he would have liked a few more chips! Luckily I had plenty, so there were enough to go around!


I ordered their veggie burger, which is a corn fritter burger and comes with lots of jalapenos as well as coleslaw, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and salsa ($18). It was huge and I struggled to finish it, leaving bits of the bun behind! The jalapenos were plentiful and made it quite a spicy burger, but it was also very tasty. I really liked the corn fritter and it was nice to have a veggie burger that was a little different from what is served in most pubs. The chips were also plentiful and well cooked, so all in all it was a pretty delicious meal.


The Union doesn’t have the depth of menu of some of the other pubs I have visited so far, however it does great food and decent quantities, so that’s really the main thing! It’s definitely somewhere I would go back to for a meal in the future, and it’s also a great spot to settle in to one of couches for a drink or two with some friends. And as a bonus fun-fact, it’s the pub they use in Offspring! So whilst I can’t invite you all to come check out my house (sorry!), you can definitely go check out the pub!

What do you look for on a pub menu for vegetarians? Any suggestions for where I should try next?

Feature image is from the Union Club Hotel website

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