September GoodnessMe Box Review

The September GoodnessMe Box arrived on my doorstep and I was so impressed with what was inside. Another month, another delicious collection of goodies! This month I got the entirely vegan box and there’s so many exciting brands inside!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

I had a few issues with the delivery this month but before I even got a chance to contact them they were all over it and had not only sorted the issue, but added an apology gift to my order. How’s that for service! So, what did my $25 get me in the September GoodnessMe Box?

Chia Co Chia Drink

I’ve been a fan of chia seeds for years, putting them in things like my smoothies and overnight oats (and of course chia puddings!). I’d never had them in a drink like this before though! The orange and passionfruit flavour was delicious and I ended up using half the bottle added to some yoghurt and on smoothie bowls. So good!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Tom & Luke Snackaballs Zesty Lemon & Coconut

This bag of delicious, healthy balls full of dates, cashews and coconut were the perfect treat for my flight to New Zealand recently. I’m a sucker for all things lemon flavoured so these were right up my alley. Free from preservatives and added sugar but packed with protein (and flavour!) I was a very happy camper when I pulled these from my handbag!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Healthy Food Project DIY Cookies

I haven’t actually made these DIY cookies yet – I’ve saved them as a treat for my return from NZ. I’m pretty excited though – not only is cranberry & dark choc one of my favourite flavour combinations, but these sound pretty amazing. Vegan, low fodmap – you name it. I shall definitely be sharing the end results on instagram when I make them!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Extraordinary Foods Cashew Parmesan

I love anything that I can use to boost my salads and this mix certainly hit the mark. My colleagues tease me about my love for nutritional yeast, and this was everything I love about it plus so much more. I’ve been sprinkling it not only on salads, but pasta and roast veggies and I’m absolutely loving it. I shall be checking out more of this range for sure!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Clean & Green Wholefoods Beauty Berries Powder

This superfood powder is packed with beetroot, blueberries, maca, acai and more and it’s not only a gorgeous colour but really delicious as well. I’ve been adding a spoonful to my breakfast smoothies and whilst it’s too early to notice any specific changes it sure makes for a delicious breakfast. The sample size in the box is really great as well, there’s plenty there for me to really try it out.

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Australian Natural Soap Company Peppermint & Pumice Soap

The delicious peppermint scent of this soap was the first thing I noticed when I opened my September GoodnessMe Box! I love bar soaps as they are a great plastic free option and I have been meaning to try out this company for a while. This was the perfect size to take away with me and I’ve loved it. Refreshing, lightly exfoliating – there’s not much more to say!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Dusty Girls Kabuki Brush

Dusty Girls is a vegan friendly, mineral makeup brand and this kabuki brush is so soft! I’ve been using it with my mineral powder and it works so well, it’s quickly become my go-to makeup brush. I’ll be checking out the rest of their range when I next need to do a makeup restock!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Natural Evolution Green Banana Resistant Starch

This banana resistant starch was the freebie I got as an apology for my box going missing and it’s something I’m super excited to play with. They recommend using it as a replacement for flour, or added to smoothies for a fibre-boost, so I can see some pretty excellent baking in my future. I think banana bread using this would be pretty interesting, so I shall report back on my findings!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Pukka Tea

These tea-bags also showed up in my September GoodnessMe Box and I’ve always enjoyed the teas I’ve bought from Pukka in the past. Both flavours were delicious and they were a nice little extra to find in my box!

September GoodnessMe Box | I Spy Plum Pie

Overall I was really impressed with the September GoodnessMe Box and I’m already looking forward to see what’s in the October Box!

Have you tried a subscription box before? Maybe the September GoodnessMe Box will entice you!

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