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A couple of weeks ago I spoke about why I think hobbies are important, but I know it can also seem hard to fit them in to your life. So today I wanted to talk about making time for hobbies. At the moment some of us may have more time than usual for hobbies, it will be super important we keep making time for them when we come out the other side of this as well. I’d love to hear your tips for making time for hobbies too.

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Some of these suggestions might not work quite so well while we are all staying indoors – but they will be useful later, I promise!

Find ways to combine it with something else

Depending on what your hobbies are, you might be able to combine it with things you are already doing in your week. Instead of catching up with friends for dinner, see if you can find a class you might want to take together. If you don’t want to stop watching your favourite TV shows, try also doing a craft or fitness hobby at the same time rather than scrolling your phone.

Schedule it in

This is a super big one for making time for hobbies! Literally just schedule it in to your week, and commit to it. Block out the time and try your hardest to say no to things that would impact on your ability to keep to the commitment. This might mean getting up a bit earlier and doing your new hobby in the morning to ensure it doesn’t fall off the to-do list by the end of the day.

Pay for it in advance

This tip fits nicely with the one above, and can be a big motivator to ensure you are making time for hobbies. Once there is a financial commitment on the line the chances of you stopping going, or prioritising something else will usually diminish. If you can afford to pay for a term of classes up front, you are much more likely to keep attending each week. It also helps you say no to other things (including work!).

Check if you are wasting time doing other things

If you are looking at your week and can’t see how you could find a spot to fit in any hobbies, you might want to look a bit closer! Most of us have times in our day that we could re-purpose to fit actual hobbies in rather than doing other mindless things. Maybe it’s the time you spend on social media, or watching things you don’t really actually care about. It could even be finding ways to do things in a more time-efficient manner. I do one big shop and meal prep a week, which means I have more time during the week to do other things, which is vital for making time for hobbies!

Fit it around your work

Depending on what your hobbies might be, you might be able to do them around your work schedule. If you have a long commute, see if you can use it to do things like reading books or even things like knitting (not so much if you drive…). If you have a proper lunch break (and we all should!) maybe go to a yoga class or practice your photography.

Do you have any tips for making time for hobbies?

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