Pubs for Vegetarians: Grumpy’s Green II

Since my last Pubs for Vegetarians visit to Grumpy’s Green they’ve made quite a few changes to the place. The interior has been fancied up a little with new couches and some new tables, but the biggest change has been to the menu.

The large list of vegetarian burgers and pizzas have gone, and instead there is whole new menu divided into a ‘Sharing’ section and ‘Something More’. There are a lot more meat options than previously, but the vegetarian and vegan options are clearly marked which is always a good sign. The sharing section has a big focus on things that can be dipped and there are 12 dipping sauces to choose from, all of which are vegetarian, with many also vegan and gluten free. As a result it’s also heavy on battered and fried dishes, particularly the vegetarian options, so it’s not exactly going to be a healthy night out! But then, it is a pub meal so I guess that’s to be somewhat expected!


So, what did B and I eat this time around? We started with a bowl of the Beer Battered Chips ($6) which we had with the aioli dipping sauce. These were really great chips, just the size and cut I like them and deliciously crunchy on the outside. It was a good size bowl for the price as well (there’s a lot of chips under there!) and we very happily munched our way through these.

Grumpys Chips

We then got a serve of the Vegetable & Tofu Tempura ($12) and chose the sweet chilli plum sauce to accompany them. This was a little different to what I was expecting as I’m not used to tempura veggies being quite so uniform in their shape and size, but I quickly got over that! The batter on these was deliciously light and crunchy so they felt a little less unhealthy than they actually are (which was good considering what else we ate!). The addition of tofu into the mix was great as well, every few bites I’d find a piece of silky tofu with a crispy batter which was really lovely. The sauce was an excellent choice, it complemented the tempura perfectly and was so good that we both kept commenting on it every time we dipped something in!

IMG_1077 Our last dish of the night was the Vege Dog ($9) which came with vege chilli and melted cheese. It’s not pretty to look at, and it was fairly messy to eat, but what it lacked in finesse it made up for with flavour! The ‘dog’ was topped with lots of beans and veggies which was great, although it could have done with a little more chilli to help cut through the cheesiness on top. It might not have been the easiest thing to share, but we both really enjoyed this so we found a way to manage!


Overall we had a really nice meal, but I definitely left feeling pretty full and heavy! It would be great to see a few more lighter options added as we head into Spring and Summer to help balance the meals a bit more. I really like the option of lots of different sauces as it allows you to really personalise it to your tastes, whilst also providing options for different dietary requirements.

I think we’ll be back for more of those chips before long though!

Have you tried to the new menu at Grumpy’s Green?

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2 Comments on Pubs for Vegetarians: Grumpy’s Green II

    • I Spy Plum Pie (admin)
      September 1, 2014 at 4:33 pm (8 years ago)

      Yeah, it’s definitely changed directions that’s for sure. The food we had was good though (albeit rather fried!) but not so useful for vegans unfortunately.


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