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My love for Vietnamese and Thai food is still going strong and so I had been wanting to check out Mighty Boy eatery on Gertrude Street since it opened a little while back. B and I finally headed up one rather warm Saturday to check out their menu for lunch.

We wandered in around 12.30 only to be told that their serving times had changed and they were now serving breakfast food until 1pm, then moving on to lunch (the menu/facebook had told us 12pm was the changeover time). This was a rare occasion where I was really after lunch food, but luckily we weren’t in any hurry so started ourselves off with a drink to cool us down, and a serve of their rice paper rolls to share, which were luckily already being served.

B ordered a pineapple, lychee & mint juice and I went with the young coconut drink ($8 each) both of which were really refreshing and tasty, although slightly expensive for what they were (and yes, that is a crying Billy Murray on B’s t-shirt!).

Mighty Boy Mighty Boy

They definitely helped us cool down though which was exactly what was required!

The Crispy Tofu Rice Paper Rolls (2 for $6) were filled with vermicelli noodles, mint, cucumber, pickled carrot and cabbage and they were delicious. A really good size for the price and jam packed with flavour and ingredients. The tofu was properly crispy, and they came served with a sticky peanut sauce which we completely devoured. I may have made a bit of a mess eating mine but I didn’t mind at all!

Mighty Boy

Just before 1pm the waitress came over to take our lunch order and I went with the tofu pad thai ($12) which, unsurprisingly came with spring onions, bean sprouts, coriander, lime, chilli and egg. It was served with brown sugar and peanuts on the side of the plate which meant you could flavour it to your liking, and there were pots of chilli on the table which allows you to determine your own spice level (I kept it on the more mild side, just adding one type of chilli!)

Mighty Boy

This was a really tasty pad thai, lots of flavour, plenty of tofu and really fulfilled my need for Thai food. It could have done with a bit more coriander, but then I know some people would strongly disagree with me on that! It was a pretty decent sized serve for $12 and I ended up letting B polish off the end of the plate!

Mighty Boy

B went with the Tofu Roti Wrap ($10) which was served with cucumber, tomatoes, onion, lettuce and a sweet chilli sauce. Despite struggling to actually wrap it up he was a big fan of this dish (and even let me try some too!). The roti was soft and delicious and contrasted nicely to the crunchy fresh vegetables and the crispy outside of the tofu.

Mighty Boy

It might not have been the easiest thing to eat but there were no complaints about the flavour!

Mighty Boy

Despite a slightly rocky start to our visit we both left really happy with our lunch adventures. The food is much more reasonably priced than the drinks and I can definitely understand why the rice paper rolls have become a big takeaway hit for workers in the area – for $6 they’re a pretty good deal! The whole menu is fairly short and sweet, and we actually ordered all the vegetarian lunch options so I don’t think it’s the kind of place we would go back to regularly, but I’d definitely be keen to try out the breakfast as well!

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2 Comments on Review: Mighty Boy, Fitzroy

  1. Jane Daly
    November 15, 2014 at 3:07 pm (10 years ago)

    Mmmm looks yum!

    • I Spy Plum Pie (admin)
      November 16, 2014 at 4:40 pm (10 years ago)

      It was definitely tasty!


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