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I’ve finally made to my last review of places we ate on our little weekend away in Daylesford! For our final dinner we headed to the Perfect Drop, which was conveniently located right next door to our accommodation! We arrived during happy hour so perched ourselves on the front deck next to the wood heater, ordered ourselves a round of cocktails and settled in for a lovely evening!

Most of the cocktails are only $10 between 4pm and 6pm and at that price we couldn’t say no! I went with a gin, cider & ginger beer concoction, whilst B’s was a combo of rum, cider & lime, and both were delicious!

Perfect Drop Daylesford Perfect Drop Daylesford

We thought we better not drink on an empty stomach so ordered the 3 cheese platter ($25) which came with house made crackers, walnuts & quince paste. We’re big cheese lovers and the combination of cheeses was excellent and were complemented really well by the quince paste. It was a great way to start the evening!

Perfect Drop Daylesford

The menu at the Perfect Drop is focussed mainly around Shared Plates, particularly for vegetarians as there is only one vego friendly main dish. Given we’d already eaten all that cheese we focused in on the shared plates and after chatting to the waiter decided two shared plates and a side was going to be plenty of food for us!

Our first dish was the Croquettes ($14) which came with rocket and lemon. Carrot was the star of the croquettes and they were filled with smooth, silky carrot with crispy, crunchy outsides. We both really liked these, they were full of flavour but still nice and light. A great first dish!

Perfect Drop Daylesford

Next up we had the Pumpkin ($14) which came with walnuts and parmesan. This was B’s pick of the dishes, and for good reason! The pumpkin was perfectly cooked, soft and easy to cut but still holding its shape. The sweetness of the roast pumpkin was perfectly matched to the bite of the parmesan and the slight bitterness of the rocket and walnuts. There was a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds over the top as well which was another great addition, they gave perfect little bursts of sweetness whenever you bit into them. A really delicious dish.

Perfect Drop Daylesford

At this point we may have ordered a round of espresso martinis, we were going all out!

Perfect Drop Daylesford

Our final savoury dish was a side of Chat Potatoes ($9) served with aioli. I love potatoes in any form but I have to say roast potatoes are probably my number 1 way to eat them so it’s safe to say these were my choosing, and I was very happy with them. Perfectly roasted potatoes with a delicious aioli on the side, nothing else really to add!

Perfect Drop Daylesford

At this point we decided to really go all out and ordered some dessert to share as well – the Creme Brûlée ($14) with mixed berry and white chocolate. This was equally as amazing as everything that had come before it, the top was super crunchy (it took a few hits with our spoons to break it!) and the white chocolate brûlée was silky, creamy perfection. The berries were settled on the bottom of the dish so they were a nice little burst of flavour when we got to them. It was a very sweet dish so I’m glad we were sharing it, but it was an excellent way to end our meal.

Perfect Drop Daylesford

It’s safe to say we had an amazing night at Perfect Drop, the food and drinks were all spot on, the staff were friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was great as well. We would definitely head back again, and as the name suggests it was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary weekend.

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2 Comments on Review: Perfect Drop, Daylesford

  1. Nicole- Seeking Victory
    October 5, 2014 at 4:13 pm (10 years ago)

    Such a lovely indulgent dinner. I love the idea of carrot croquettes.

    • I Spy Plum Pie (admin)
      October 7, 2014 at 7:48 am (10 years ago)

      It really was a perfect way to end our little anniversary weekend! And yep, the carrot croquettes were fab!


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