September Favourite Finds 2019

It’s September Favourite Finds time! In what is probably not much of a surprise, this month is heavy on the food front again. There’s some excellent reusable goodies in the mix as well though. I’d love to hear about your September favourite finds too!

Liquid Smoke

I used to cook with liquid smoke a lot, but then ran out and never replaced it for some reason. So, when I spotted this in my local vegan supermarket I picked it up straight away. I love it in all kinds of food, but in particular Mexican meals. It just adds such a delicious depth of flavour that is hard to beat. I won’t be going so long without a bottle in my pantry again that’s for sure!

September Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

Noya Cashew Butter

Cashews are one of my favourite nuts, so I treated myself to some delicious cashew butter this month. It’s creamy and oh so delicious. I’ve been drizzling it on my overnight oats, and spreading it on apple slices. Seriously good.

September Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

Coconut Bacon

This is another goodie I have had in my kitchen previously, but treated myself to another jar this month. It adds a delicious crunch and flavour to all kinds of dishes! I used it mostly on pastas and salads this month and I was always so happy when I did. It was hard not to go overboard and use it all up too quickly!

September Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

Made by Fressko Bottle and Cup

I actually won this bottle and cup through GoodnessMe Box, and it was a super excellent prize pack. They are both made from scratch-proof stainless steel and are insulated to keep drinks hot or cold for longer. Plus the bottle has a removable strainer in it making it super versatile. I’m going to get years and years of use out of both of these so I’m pretty excited!

September Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

What were your September favourite finds?

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