Lockdown Eating: Polly’s Box Part II and III

I had hoped I wouldn’t need to reinstate last year’s Lockdown Eating series, but unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case. So, I decided to treat myself to a Polly’s Box each weekend of the recent lockdown – delicious vegan food while helping support local businesses. What’s not to love!

This time around the Polly’s Box was done in conjunction with Avalon Bar so they came with delicious cocktails as well. Like last time, everything is vegan and all the packaging is either recyclable or compostable which is excellent. The boxes are $80 and are designed to feed two, but also worked excellently over two nights for me!

Polly's Box | I Spy Plum Pie

The first Polly’s Box was latin themed and included spicy margaritas, tostadas, paella and wattleseed flan. The tostadas were seriously excellent – braised plantain topped with a jalapeno salsa verde and avocado. A little bit messy, but a whole lot delicious!

Polly's Box | I Spy Plum Pie

In fact everything was delicious! The paella was packed with both vegetables and flavour, and the wattleseed flan came with a pineapple and tequila syrup and honeycomb to go on top. I mean, that’s next level lockdown eating in my books! The spicy margaritas were really just the icing on the cake too – it certainly made the first weekend of another lockdown feel not quite as painful.

Polly's Box | I Spy Plum Pie

The second Polly’s Box was Caribbean themed, and whilst slightly harder to photograph it was definitely no less delicious! Pina Coladas, herby garlic bread, jerk veggies, braised greens and rice, followed by cookies and ice cream – I mean, seriously!

Polly's Box | I Spy Plum Pie

I didn’t think I liked pina coladas that much, but this vegan version from Avalon proved that wasn’t the case! It was a seriously excellent way to kick off another Polly’s Box experience. The herby garlic bread was perfect for a chilly Saturday evening stuck on the couch and the coconut rice, beans, greens and jerk veggies made for a delicious main meal.

Polly's Box | I Spy Plum Pie

The cookies and ice cream was a decadent way to finish off the meal – they were rich, fudgey cookies that I baked until just chewy and melty. Seriously good.

I’m hopeful I won’t need to support Polly’s Box again anytime soon, but if we do find ourselves in another lockdown I highly recommend you check them out.

Which item in each Polly’s Box are you most keen to try?

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