June Favourite Finds 2019

It’s June Favourite Finds time! Just to mix things up, this month is actually not all about food! Instead, I have turned my focus on to upgrading some of the furnishings in my apartment and upgraded them instead! There is some food too though, it would be weird if there wasn’t! I’d love to hear about your June Favourite Finds as well!

Saucy Spice Co

I’ll kick things off with the food item in my June Favourite Finds! I actually picked these curry sauces up when I was in Canberra over Easter, but haven’t given them a good run until the weather turned. They are such deliciously simple ways to whip up a warming curry for dinner. I went with a few options that were outside what I normally cook and I’m so glad I did, they were so tasty! Perfect winter option!

June Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

Lounge Room Rug

Since finishing my renovations earlier in the year which introduced floorboards all through my living room and kitchen I knew I needed a rug. It took me a while to choose one – it was a bit of an overwhelming decision – but I’m so happy with the end result. It’s 70% wool so it has added some much needed warmth and is cosy underfoot. I love the colours and the pattern and the way it has tied the lounge room together. An excellent addition!

June Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

New Bed

I had had the same bed for nearly a decade, so it was well overdue for an upgrade! I went with a pretty simple option, a fabric headboard and timber base, and I’m so happy with it. It’s classic and understated but will last me for years to come. Those sheets you see are pretty special too – but more of them in coming weeks, including how you can get your hands on some yourself!

June Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

Koala Mattress and Pillow

Last but not least, when upgrading my bed I decided it was definitely time to also upgrade my mattress! I decided to go with a Koala mattress, and got myself a new pillow while I was at it. So far I am loving them both. The pillow has been great for my neck and the mattress has been comfortable since night one. It seems to be the right level of firmness for my body, and I reckon it’s only going to get better too. Can’t fault the ordering and delivery either, it arrived in no time!

June Favourite Finds 2019 | I Spy Plum Pie

There we have it, my June Favourite Finds! What are yours?

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