Pubs for Vegetarians: The Gasometer Hotel

It’s been a while since I posted the last stop on my Pubs for Vegetarians tour, so I thought it was about time I headed out and tried somewhere new to share with you all! In the end I didn’t have to venture far as we decided to head back to the The Gasometer Hotel which is only a few minutes walk away! B and I had eaten there once before, but the menu changes seasonally, so we decided it was time for another visit to see what they have on offer at the moment!

The Gasometer menu is made up of roughly half meat dishes and half vegetarian dishes, with a large proportion of the meat-free section also vegan, or able to be altered to be vegan. Gluten free options are also available and everything is clearly marked which I am always grateful for. The menu has a Southern American flavour with ribs, fried chicken, chilli dogs and mac & cheese featuring in both the meat and vegetarian sections of the menu. They also have a great range of hand crafted beers and ciders available, so you’re not generally going to find the big name beers on tap – which is a-ok with me! We had a Taxi Pilsner with our meals and thoroughly enjoyed it!


On to the food! B decided to go with the Vegan BBQ Ribs which were made out of tofu and tempeh and served in a garlic root beer peanut BBQ sauce with a side of hot ‘n’ spicy peanuts and slaw ($16). I think the main reason he ordered these was the intrigue around the sauce! I didn’t try them but B was very happy with his choice, the ‘ribs’ were well cooked and the sauce was interesting and delicious. The addition of the small salad and the bowl of nuts (which wasn’t just peanuts) helped to provide a good mix of flavour and texture, and the whole thing was given two thumbs up!


I ordered the Vegan Southern Fried Chicken Burger which consisted of a vegan chicken fillet with lettuce, tomato, onion and ranch dressing, served with shoestring fries ($17). I really liked this burger – the patty was well seasoned, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, like I would imagine a fried burger patty would be. It didn’t have the strange texture faux meat sometimes can and the ranch dressing was also excellent. The chips were okay, not the best I have had but not terrible either. I generally prefer chunky chips over shoe string, and these could have been a bit crispier but I still managed to eat most of them, so they can’t have been too bad!



Overall we had a great meal and would go back again for sure. It’s excellent to have pubs providing different vegetarian options than the standard eggplant parma and one veggie burger, so I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what the summer menu consists of!

The Gasometer Hotel – 484 Smith Street, Collingwood

Open Tuesday – Sunday

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