Review: Smith & Daughters Brunch Edition

After my highly successful first visit to Smith & Daughters it was definitely time to take B along with me to sample the brunch menu. We were lucky enough to get a table straight away and set about perusing the menu.

As it’s all vegan B had to switch up his normal drink order and went with a hot chocolate made with oat milk ($4) which was deliciously chocolatey to the point that he almost didn’t notice the lack of dairy milk!

Vegan Hot Chocolate

I went with a coffee using almond & coconut milk ($4) which was really well made, nice and bitter with the combination of the milks providing a deliciously creamy froth. We were off to a great start!

Almond & Coconut Coffee

The food menu is short with two only sweet and three savoury options, but even so we had trouble choosing! We decided to share two of the savoury options and were quickly brought side plates to facilitate this which was appreciated. In fact, much like my first visit the staff were excellent, keeping our water glasses constantly full and being friendly and helpful without being overbearing. A big tick!

Our first dish was the Breakfast Burrito ($15) with optional Chipotle Cashew Cream ($3). The burrito was jam-packed with scrambled tofu, crispy chorizo, black beans, garlic kale & fresh guacamole.

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

Given our love for burritos this was an obvious choice and we were extremely happy we ordered it. The chorizo added a nice chewy texture and it was bursting with flavour. The addition of the cashew cream was excellent, and the guacamole provided a great fresh element. It might have looked a little small but it was extremely filling, I’m glad I was only eating half of it!

Vegan Breakfast Burrito

I would definitely order this again (and it was B’s favourite by a nose!)

Our second dish was the Baked Mexican Omelette ($16) which consisted of potato, char-grilled peppers, sweet grilled corn, nopales and mushroom, topped with tomatilla salsa & avocado and served with corn tortillas.

I really loved this, it was amazingly ‘eggy’ tasting, with good sized chunks of the vegetables visible throughout. The salsa added a nice contrast to the omelette and we happily scooped it up with the corn tortillas which gave the dish an additional texture which was great. It was a slightly lighter option than the burrito (although still very filling!) so the two worked really well together.

Vegan Mexican Omelette

Needless to say we were extremely happy (and full!) campers when we rolled out of Smith & Daughters and into the Sunday sunshine. B didn’t even mind missing out on his standard morning tea, and that’s saying something! They have made some changes to the dinner menu since my first visit so I think another appearance will be on the cards sooner rather than later!

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