May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review

It’s May GoodnessMe Box review time! The May box was gut health focused which was very welcome given all the added stress we’re all under at the moment. As usual I got the vegan box and this month’s box was absolutely packed with goodies. Let’s see what was inside!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Macro Mike Protein Powder

I have had this protein powder previously, so I was happy to see it in the May GoodnessMe Box. It’s a bit sweeter than my usual protein powder options but it is a nice change for a treat. I used it to make a smoothie bowl topped with strawberries and nuts and it was pretty excellent!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Hart and Soul Soup

I whipped up this soup for a quick and easy work-from-home lunch and it was seriously tasty. It was packed with flavour, ready in no time and super smooth. I had it with some cheesy toast and was a very happy camper. Perfect for a quick winter meal – I think I will stock up on these for the work-from-home weeks ahead.

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Nexba Sparkling Water

Since getting a Sodastream at Christmas I have been drinking a lot of sparkling water. I usually drink it plain so it was nice to mix it up with this passionfruit version. It was refreshing, delicious and I loved that it had probiotics in it as well. Anything to help keep my gut healthy!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

ATP Science Gutright Daily

I was intrigued when I spotted this raspberry flavoured powder in the May GoodnessMe Box. Packed with ingredients like ginger, cranberry and acai berries it added a really nice flavour to my morning smoothie. I can’t speak for how much of a difference it made to my gut health but it certainly didn’t hurt.

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Health Kultcha Motion Potion

This was another interesting product in the May box. It’s probably not a product you want me to talk about in too much detail, but let’s just say it wasn’t as unpleasant to take as I was expecting and it seemed to be a helpful product. I’d need to try it for longer to be sure that it works for me, but I would be willing to which is usually a good sign!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Pangkarra Roasted Faba Beans and Chickpeas

I’ve had these in previous GoodnessMe Boxes but that didn’t mean I wasn’t happy to see them again! They make such an excellent mid-afternoon snack. Crunchy, delicious flavour, an excellent size serving – what more could you ask for. I particularly enjoyed that these ones are a mix of chickpeas and faba beans – a winning combo!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Supercubes Wholefoods Bar

I love lemon flavoured things so I was very happy to see these snacks! These were excellent work-from-home snacks – delicious, an excellent size and packed with excellent ingredients. I particularly love that these have both pre and probiotics. The range of flavours all sound amazing so I think I’m going to have to pick up some of the others – maybe the berry or gingernut or salted caramel or espresso – ok so lots of them!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Almo Milk

I first tried this milk at World Vegan Day last year and brought home some of their amazing almo cream. When we were sampling the flavours at their stall I initially wasn’t interested in the chamomile flavour as I’m not a fan of chamomile tea. They recommended I try it anyway and I’m so glad they did – it was seriously delicious. So, you can imagine how happy I was to see this in the May GoodnessMe Box! I think I need to pick up some more of these soon!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Blooms Gingercalm

I’m one of those lucky people who don’t get car or sea sick, even on some very small boats on rocky seas. So I have never been one to need ginger tablets. However, some of my family aren’t so lucky and these kinds of tablets are always on hand for holiday adventures. Therefore I know these will come in handy the next trip we can go on!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Wellness By Tess Probiotic Bite

Last but not least was this delicious little salted caramel bite! I had tried this in a previous box so knew that I was going to enjoy it. Having these sorts of snacks on hand has stopped me from baking or buying less healthy snacks, so they are much appreciated. It also means I can easily grab something to keep me going if the work day runs late. So helpful!

May GoodnessMe Box 2020 Review | I Spy Plum Pie

Which item in the May GoodnessMe Box interests you the most?

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